Word of Mouth
"Lynn, Wow, I reviewed the pictures and there are so many great ones it will be hard deciding which ones to use! You really captured so many sides of me, both emotionally and physically and I have always considered myself hard to photograph! Thanks again."
— Kathy Marshall, singer-songwriter

"It is passing strange to me that some photographers have such a knack for portraiture. One of my freelancers has the gift. She captures people's essence, their soul, in a way none of the others, good as they are, can. It smacks of magic, but I think it has something to do with profound empathy."
— Jim Cornelius, editor Nugget Newspaper

"I have been trying for years to take a photo of my wife that shows her spirit, and never have. You captured her spirit in that photo so well! I love it!."
— Richard P.

"We were impressed with your patience and the great quality of photos that you took of our family — you were undaunted by the task of capturing the essence of my 2 year-old twins in photos. We were amazed when the boy, who had previously had a meltdown in a photo studio, toddled over to hug you!"
—Susan G.

"You know, I usually hate having my photo taken, but that was fun!"
— [many people]

Woodward's degrees are in Biology and Computer Graphics, but she's been a Photographer all her life. Her jobs have ranged from computer technician to rock-climbing instructor to mule-packer to taxidermist. She likes to mix brain, art and physical work, and is certainly not afraid to get dirty.

Both left- and right-brained, she handles the envisioning and technical production of websites and printed projects on top of the photo creation.

Woodward's portraits are close and emotional, touching the essence of her fellow beings. Her landscapes and nature subjects are often asymetrically framed and compositionally graphic. She prefers natural light to the emptiness of a frozen blue flash, and always takes a few flowing motion shots at events, bringing to the viewer not only the facts, but the mood of a concert or equine performance.

Most of her photography has been personal, musician and author portraits, Sisters Folk Festival concerts, and photojournalism for the Nugget Newspaper, news periodical, and Central Oregon Horse Journal, horse periodical, in Oregon.
Dennis McGregor, singer-songwriter, OR

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